Ocean of Causes: see Kārana ocean.

Om(kāra): or AUM, the pranāva, the highest combination of syllables of which the letters represent the fundamental trinity of gunas, lokas, vedas, levels of realization, names, kles'as etc.

- Soundvibration which represents the Absolute Truth, S'rī  Krishna; it vibrates along in the Hare  Krishna-mantra, to which it is subordinate.

- The holy sound OM, with which many vedic mantras begin, and which represents the Supreme Lord (see B.G. 9: 17, 8: 13 and 17: 24 and S.B 7.15: 31, 9.14: 48, 11.14: 34-35, 11.21: 36-40 and 12.6: 39-42).

- Krishna's advice is to say three times a day ten times AUM for one's meditation so as to restore the prāna in a month's time (zie 11.14: 35).

Om tat sat: mantra representing the Absolute Truth, God, the Supreme person. The Gītā explains: 17: 23.



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