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Chapter 8: Dhruva leaves Home for the Forest

(71) Meanwhile the Original Personality was worshiped [by Dhruva], after taking a bath
and fasting that night, with perfect attention the way Nârada had advised it.

Chapter 9: Dhruva Returns Home from the Forest


(4) Seeing that he wanted to glorify Him but didn't know how, the Lord, who is the prayer in accord with the
scripture in the heart of each, understanding the boy mercifully touched his forehead with His conch shell.

Chapter 10: Dhruva Mahârâja's Fight with the Yakshas


(7) Thereupon the very powerful soldiers of Kuvera appeared out of their resentment against 
the sound of the conch shell and attacked him with all kinds of weapons.

Chapter 11: Svâyambuva Manu Advises Dhruva Mahârâja to Stop Fighting

pleasing the Lord

(14)  Pleasing the Supreme Lord a person being liberated from the modes of material nature and freed from
the worries of his individual existence will achieve unlimited spiritual bliss [brahma nirvâna].

Chapter 12: Dhruva Mahârâja Goes Back to Godhead

Life's Purpose

(17) There he purified his body, bathing in pure water and, fixed in yogic postures, controlled the breathing process by withdrawing the mind from his physical senses. Concentrating on the exact form of the Lord he constantly kept in mind, he thus meditating became fully absorbed.

Chapter 13: Description of the Descendants of Dhruva Mahârâja

Life's Purpose

(39) That child, a boy indeed, appeared partly following his maternal grandfather's irreligion of death;
and of that he became an offender of the holy duty.

Chapter 14: The Story of King Vena

Good and Evil

(29) Maitreya said: 'With all respects offered not acceding to the request of the sages, the one whose intelligence was perverted
and who most sinfully had strayed from the path, was thus bereft of all good fortune.

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