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Album II



Gaurânga Karunâ Koro

Text & melody: Narottama Dâsa Thhâkura
Singer: Anand Aadhar Prabhu
Duration: 6 min. 11
Date: 2 Jan. 2004

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 Gaurânga Karunâ Koro

'Be Merciful Lord Gauranga'


(Em Bm C Esus4 C D Em Bm G D Esus4 Em)



(Em BmI C)
gaurânga karunâ koro,
Heer Gauranga Your mercy,

(Em D GII Bm)
dîna hîna jane
to this destitute soul,

(C D Em D)
mo-samo patita prabhu,
fallen like me o Lord,

(GII D7II E4sus Em)
nâhi tribhuvane.     R
there's no one in the three worlds.


(G BmII)
dante trina dhori gaura,
Holding grass between my teeth Gaura,

dâki he tomâr
I 'm calling out for You,

(C D Em CI)
kripâ kori eso âmâr,
have mercy please come to my,

(GIID 7IIE4sus Em)
hridoya mandire.    R
temple of the heart.

(G Bm D E Dm G C D Em Bm C D G)



(Em BmIC)
jadi doyâ nâ koribe,
If You don't give Your mercy,

(Em D GII Bm)
patita dekhiyâ
seeing me so fallen,

(C D Em D)
patita pâvana nâma.
named 'Savior of the Fallen',

(GII D7II E4sus Em)
kisera lâgiyâ.    R
why are you known that way?


(G BmII)
podeci bhava tuphâne,
I've fallen in this wordly whirlpool,

(D I EmBmI)
nâhika nistâr.
there is no escape,

(C D Em C I)
s'rî carana taranî dâne,
by Your divine feet like a boat given,

(GID7I E4susI Em)
dâse kora pâr    R
help Your servant across.

(G Bm D EDm G C D Em Bm C D G)



(Em BmIC)
s'rî krishna caitanya prabhu,
Lord Krishna Caitanya prabhu,

(Em D GIIBm)
dâser anudâs
this servant of your servant,

(C D Em D)
prârthanâ koraye sadâ,
will always make this prayer,

(GIID7II E4sus Em)
narottama dâs.    R
it's Narottama Dâsa.


(Chords harmonium)


  (Tekst in Nederlands)     




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