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Album I


Manah S'ikshâ

Melody &Text: Narottama Dâsa Thhâkur
Singer: Anand Aadhar Prabhu and Sakhya d.d.
Duration: 6 min. 38
Date:April 13 2019

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Teachings for the mind

(Dm C7  C F Dm Gm Dm C Dm)


nitâi-pada-kamala, kothi-candra-sus'îtala
Nityânanda's lotus feet, protective moonshine, enormous

(F Dm C7 Am C Dm)
je châyây jagata jurây     R
The world gliding down, finds there it's enlightenment.

heno nitâi bine bâi, râdhâ-krishna pâite nâi
Not looking for that refuge, are Râdhâ and Krishna difficult to approach;

(F Dm C7 Am C Dm)
dridha kori'dharo nitâir pây
who wants to dance with them, will have to accept that.


(Dm Gm6II Edim, Gm C F)
se sambandha nâhi jâ'r, brithâ janma gelo tâ'r
Life's a waste unconnected, meaningless ones life passes by;

(BbIIGm Dm, Bb C F Dm)
se pas'u boro durâcar
that animalism is only, misconduct.

(Dm C7II C F)
nitâi nâ bolilo mukhe, majilo samsâra-sukhe
Not knowing Nitai, they never sing, caught in material pleasures,

(DmII Gm Dm Bb, Dm C Dm)
vidhyâ-kule ki koribe tâ'r
education and class will not protect them.


ahankâre matta hoiyâ, nitâi-pada pâsariyâ
Being the body, brings them illusion, forgetting Nitâi's feet.

(F Dm C7 Am C Dm)
asatyere satya kori mâni     R
Things unreal they take for true.

nitâiyer korunâ habe, braje râdhâ-krishna pâbe
The mercy of Nitâi is needed, to be with Râdhâ and Krishna

(F Dm C7 Am C Dm)
dharo nitâi-carana du'khâni
therefore have a firm grip on Nitâi's feet


(Dm Gm6II Edim, Gm C F)
nitâiyer carana satya, tâhâra sevaka nitya
 It's no illusion it's a fact, from Nitai's service one is liberated,

(BbIIGm Dm, Bb C F Dm)     R
nitâi-pada sadâ koro âs'a
Therefore always hold on to Nitai's feet.

(Dm C7II C F)
narottama boro dukhi, nitâi more koro sukhî
Narottama unhappy prays 'Lord Nitai grant me happiness,

(DmII Gm Dm Bb, Dm C Dm)     R
râkho rângâ-caranera pâs'a
let me reside at your lotusfeet.'

(Dm C7  C F Dm Gm Dm C Dm)  


(Chords harmonium)





Nityânanda's lotus feet - protecting moonshine, enormous. The world slipping finds its enlightenment there. If one doesn't seek ones refuge there, then Radha and Krishna are difficult to approach. Who wants to dance with them will have to accept that.


Who does not connect wastes his life, and useless he passes his days. That animalism is only bad conduct. Not knowing Nitai they never sing, caught by material pleasure. Education and class will not protect them


Thinking they are the body is their delusion, forgetting Nitai's feet. What is not real they think to be the true. Nityânanda's grace is needed, if you want to attain to Râdha and Krishna. Therefore hold firmly on to Nitai's feet.


It is not an illusion, it is a fact, through Nityânanda's service one finds liberation. Therfore always keep to Nitai's feet. Narottama unhappy, prays 'Lord Nitai, give me happiness' . Let me reside with your lotusfeet.


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