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Album III



Mânasa Deho Geho

Text & melody: S'rîla Bhaktivinoda Thhâkur
Singer: Anand Aadhar Prabhu
Duration: 8 min. 57
Date: 18 Oct. 2004

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 Mânasa Deho Geho
from S'arangati: Âtma-nivedana - 3


Intro :
(Bb Ab Bb Bbma7 Cm Bb Dm Cm Fadd9 Ebma7/9 F7 Bb)


(Bb Ab Bb Dm Cm Bb)
mânasa deho, geho, jo kichu mor
Mind, body, and family, whatever may be mine,

(D m Eb F Ebma7 F F7 Bb)
arpilun tuwâ pade, nanda-kis'or!    R
I have surrendered atYour lotus feet, O youthful son of Nanda!


(F Bb Eb Dm Cm Bb)
sampade vipade, jîvane-marane  R
In good fortune or in bad, in life or at death,

(Bb Ab Bb Cm F Bb)
dây mama gelâ, tuwâ o-pada varane   R
all my troubles are away having chosen Your feet as my only shelter.

(F Bb Eb Gm Cm Bb Cm F Cm Bm)



(Bb Ab Bb Dm Cm Bb)
mârobi râkhobi - jo icchâ tohâra
Slay me or protect me as You wish,

(D m Eb F Ebma7 F F7 Bb)
nitya-dâsa prati tuwâ adhikâra   R
for You are the master of Your eternal servant.


(F Bb Eb Dm Cm Bb)
janmâobi moe icchâ jadi tor    R
If it is Your will that I be born again,

(Bb Ab Bb Cm F Bb)
bhakta-grihe jani janma hau mor    R
then may it be in the home of Your devotee.

(Bb Ab Bb Cm Eb Bb Cm F Bb)



(Bb Ab Bb Dm Cm Bb)
kîtha janma hau jathâ tuwâ dâs
May I be born again even as a worm, so long as I may remain Your devotee.

(D m Eb F Ebma7 F F7 Bb)
bahir-mukha brahmâ-janme nâhi âs'    R
I have no desire to be born as a Brahmâ averse to You.


(Bb Ab Bb Cm F Bb)
bhukti-mukti-sprihâ vihîna je bhakta    R
I yearn for the company of that devotee who is completely devoid

(Bb Ab Bb Cm F Bb)
labhaite tânko sanga anurakta    R
of all desire for worldly enjoyment or liberation.

(F Bb Eb Gm Cm Bb Cm F Cm Bm)



(Bb Ab Bb Dm Cm Bb)
janaka, jananî, dayita, tanay
Father, mother, lover, son, Lord,

(D m Eb F Ebma7 F F7 Bb)
prabhu, guru, pati - tuhû sarva-moy    R
Lord, preceptor, and husband; You are everything to me.


(Bb Ab Bb Cm F Bb)
bhakativinoda kohe, suno kâna!    R
Thakura Bhaktivinoda says, "O Kana, please hear me!

(Bb Ab Bb Cm F Bb)
râdhâ-nâtha! tuhun hâmâra parâna    R
O Lord of Râdhâ, You are my life and soul!"

Exit :
(Bb Ab Bb Bbma7 Cm Bb Dm Cm Fadd9 Ebma7/9 F7 Bb)  

(Chords harmonium)


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