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Album VII




Sarvasva Tomāra Carane

Text & Melody: S'rīla Bhaktivinoda Thhākura/var. Aadhar
Singer/arr.: Anand Aadhar Prabhu
Duration: 6 min. 05 sec
Date: 18 June 2004

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Sarvasva Tomāra Carana

by Srīla Bhaktivinoda Thākura

"Everything Unto Your Feet"

(from S'aranāgati)


(Am, Dm F, Gm, Bb, Am, Bm, C Dm,
Am Bb F, Edim, Dm, C, Bm, Am, Gm, Dm)



(Am, Dm F, Gm, Bb)
sarva-asva tomār, carane sampiyā,
Offering everything at Your feet,

(Am, Bb C, Dm, C /Am)
podechi tomā-ra ghare      R
I have fallen before Your home.

(Bm, F, Edim, Dm)
tumi-i to' thākur, tomā-ra kuku-ur,
With You indeed the master, and I as dog

(C, Bb, Am, Gm, Dm)
boliyā jānaho more     
I say know me thus.

(Eb Cm F  Bb Eb Gm Cm F)



Am, Dm F, Gm, Bb,
bāndhiyā nikate, āmāre pālibe,
Chained nearby, You'll maintain me,

(Am, Bb C, Dm, C /Am)
rohibo tomā-ra dwāre      R
I will stay at Your door.

(Bm, F, Edim, Dm)
pratīpa-ja-a-nere, āsite nā dibo,
People in defiance, I will not permit,

(C, Bb, Am, Gm, Dm)
rākhibo gade-ra pāre     
keep them at bay, beyond the moat.

(Gm, F, Eb, Dm, Cm, Bb, Adim, Gm)



(Am, Dm F, Gm, Bb)
tava nija-jana, prasā-ad seviyā,
Of Your devotees, I will eat the food,

(Am, Bb C, Dm, C /Am)
ucchishtha rākhibe jāhā     R
the foodremnants that they keep.

(Bm, F, Edim, Dm)
āmā-ara bhojan, parama-ānande,
The food for me, supremely happy

(C, Bb, Am, Gm, Dm)
prati-din ha'be-e tāhā     
will there be every day

(Dm, F, Gm, Bb, Am, Bb, C)



(Am, Dm F, Gm, Bb)
bosiyā s'uiyā, tomā-ar carana,
Sitting or sleeping, Your feet

(Am, Bb C, Dm, C /Am)
cintibo satata āmi     R
I'll perpertually contemplate.

(Bm, F, Edim, Dm)
nācite nā-acite, nikathe jāibo,
Dancing and dancing, I will come near

(C, Bb, Am, Gm, Dm)
jakhona dākibe tumi     
when You will call me.

(Cm, Dm, Gm, F, Gm, Eb, Dm, Bb)



(Am, Dm F, Gm, Bb)
nijera po-oshana, kabhu nā bhāvibo,
About my own maintenance, i'll never think,

(Am, Bb C, Dm, C /Am)
rohibo bhāve-er bhore     R
I'll remain absorbed in ecstacy

(Bm, F, Edim, Dm)
bhakativi-inoda, tomāre pālaka,
Bhaktivinod's maintainer You are

(C, Bb, Am, Gm, Dm)
boliyā varana kore
so I say, I accept


(Am, Dm F, Gm, Bb // Am, Bm, C Dm,
Am, Bb, F, Edim, Dm, C, Bm, Am, Gm, Dm)

(Chords harmonium)


Elaborate translation:

Now that I have surrendered all that I possess unto Your lotus feet,
I throw myself down before Your house.
You are the master of the house;
kindly consider me Your own dog.

Chaining me nearby, You will maintain me,
and I shall lie at Your doorstep.
I will not allow Your enemies to enter,
but will keep them outside the bounds of the surrounding moat.

Whatever food remnants Your devotees leave behind
after honoring Your prasad will be my daily sustenance.
I will feast on those remnants in great bliss.

While sitting up or lying down,
I will constantly meditate on Your lotus feet.
Whenever You call, I will immediately run
to You and dance in rapture.

I will never think for my own nourishment,
and will remain absorbed in ever cherishing love for my Master.
Bhaktivinoda now accepts You as his only maintainer.




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