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Vâsantî Râsa

Text & Melody: Narottama Dâsa Thhâkur
Singer/arr.: Anand Aadhar Prabhu
Duration: 5 min o1 sec.
Date: 14 Nov. 2004

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Amorous Pastimes in the Spring

(from Prârthanâ)

(Em Bm G B)


 (Em A G B)
vrindâvana ramya-sthâna,
Vrindâvana's forest a heavenly beauty,

(Bm C#dim D Em B)
a divine mansion of touchstone,

(B C D G / Bm Cm C D Bm)  
ratana-mandira manohara      R
jeweled temples enchanting,

(Em A G B)
âvrita kâlindî-nîre,
the Yamunâ all around

(Bm C#dim D Em B)
râja-hamsa keli kore,
where royal swans frolick,

(B C D G / Bm Cm C D Bm)
tâhe s'obhe kanaka-kamala      R
therein the splendour of a golden lotus.

(Bm C#dim Em B)



(Em A G B)
târ madhye hema-pîtha,
In its middle a golden platform,

(Bm C#dim D Em B)
ashtha-dale beshthita,
surrounded by eight petals,

(B C D G / Bm Cm C D Bm)
ashtha-dale pradhânâ nâyikâ      R
upon those eight petals the eight gopîs.

(Em A G B)
târ madhye ratnâsane
In its center on a jeweled throne

(Bm C#dim D Em B)
bosi' achen dui-jane,
are seated the two lovers,

(B C D G / Bm Cm C D Bm)
s'yâma-sange sundarî râdhikâ      R
with the dark-skinned Lord, the beautiful Râdhikâ.  

(Bm C#dim D G, Bm C#dim D G
F#m Em D C# dim Bm A)



(Em A G B)
Beauty so sweet in waves,

(Bm C#dim D Em B)
amiyâ podi-i-che khasi',
falls as showers of nectar

(B C D G / Bm Cm C D Bm)
hâsya parihâsa-a-sambhâshane      R
in a flood of enchantment, they address one another

(Em A G B)
narottama-dâs koy,
Narottama Dâsa says,

(Bm C#dim D Em B)
nitya-lîlâ sukha-moy,

this eternal play is so totally happy;

(B C D G / Bm Cm C D Bm)
sadâi sphuruka mora mane      R
may they ever be there in my heart!  

(Em Bm G B Em)


(Chords harmonium)


vrndâvana-the forest of Vrndâvana; ramya-sthâna-is a transcendental beautiful place; divya-in the spiritual sky; cintâmani-dhâma-is made entirely of touchstone, which fulfills all desires; ratana-mandira-temples bedecked with costly jewels; manohara-enchanting; âbrta-surrounded; kâlindî-nîre-by the waters of the river Yamunâ; râja-hamsa-royal swans; keli ! kore-frolick; tâhe-in the midst of that water; s´obhe-splendrously shines; kanaka-kamala-a golden lotus.


The beautiful place known as Våndâvana is a transcendental abode in the spiritual world, and is composed entirely of divine touch-stones. There are many enchanting temples bedecked with costly jewels. The royal swans known as râja-haàsa frolic in the waters of the river Yamunâ, which surrounds that transcendental island. In the midst of that divine river is a beautiful golden lotus of a hundred pepals.



târa madhye-in the midst of that lotus; hema-pîtha-a golden platform;ashta-dale beshtita-surrounded by eight petals; ashta-dale anadale-situated upon those eight petals; pradhânâ nâyikâ-are the eight chief gopîs; târ madhye-in the center of the surrounding petals; ratna-âsane-upon a jeweled throne; bosi' âchen-are seated; dui jane-the two transcendental lovers; s´yâma-sange-in the company of the dark Lord s´yâma; sundarî râdhikâ-sits the beautiful Râdhikâ.


In the center of that lotus is a golden platform surrounded by eight petals. Situated upon those eight petals are the eight principal sakhîs, headed by Lalitâ and Vis´âkhâ. In the center of the surrounding petals the Divine Cou2le presides, seated upon a jeweled throne. In the company of Lord s´yâma sits the beautiful Râdhikâ.



o-rupa-lâvanya-râs´i-the waves of that beauty and sweetness; amiyâ poriche khasi'-are falling like showers of nectar; hâsya-parihâsa-a flood of laughing and joking; sambhâsashta-daleane-as they address one another; narottam dâsa koy; Narottama Dâsa says; nitya-lîlâ-these eternal pastimes from day to day;sukha-moy-are full of transcendental pleasure; sadâi sphuruka-may they be ever manifest; mora mane-in my heart.


The waves of their beauty and sweetness are emanating showers of nectar in the form of Their talks, which are filled with a flood of laughing and joking as they address one another. Narottama Dâsa says, "May these eternal pastimes overflowing with transcendental joy be ever manifest in my heart."





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