Set your clock to Krishna

Time I am... (Bhagavad Gîtâ: 11: 32)

I am the taste of water, o son of Kunti,
the light I am of the moon and the sun,
the pranava [A.U.M.] in all the Vedas ,
the sound in the sky and manhood in man.
                                                (Bhagavad Gîtâ: 7: 8)

This is how you make a Cakra-tempometer
out of your normal clock

First look up your longitude.

Paris F: 48n52, 2e20, France
New York (US): 40n43, 74w0, New York (US)
Los Angeles, CA (US): 34n03, 118w15, California (US)
Amsterdam NETH: 52n22, 4e54, Netherlands
Bruxelles Be: 52n05, 4e20, Belgium
Tokyo, JAPAN: 35n42, 139e46, Japan

For New York e.g. must below next be entered
at longitude degree 74 and with the minutes 0 !
New York (US) is west (w) of Greenwich.

(Attention: use installs a cookie keeping your setting for 14 days)

(in case a wrong date/time of 27 Febr. is indicated,
which rarely may happen for a disturbance,
then please recalculate or reload the page)

Having a standard-time clock at home or a wristwatch
thus set to the sun requires,
if you want to keep it within a margin of a couple of minutes,
that you correct the time about
once a week according this tempometer,
Not doing this the difference
can quickly amount
to half an hour (from Nov. 5 to Febr. 5 e.g.).

Correcting for the sake of nature
can best be done with a natural regularity:
on Cakra-sundays e.g., see below:

To check this by hand you need to consult
the pages about
the equation of time
and the
For calculating solar time for another date and/or time,
go to the
java-implementation for it.

Srîmad Bhâgavatam & Bhagvad Gîtâ Time Quotes

Nederlandse versie

*: Solar Time = GMT corrected for the Equation of Time
Greenwich Mean Time = the time standard for the entire world.
It is mean local time to the longitude of zero irrespective summertime. 
It is also called UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) or worldtime.
The time on your clock differs from this one
depending your time zone and summertime.
Equation of Time = the difference the clock makes with a sundial.

Go for more info to

For a calendar to be regular with
the sun and the moon go to the FCO-page

tech info - download (zip)





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