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Chapter 1: Questions by the Sages

(4) In the forest of Naimishâranya, a spot favored by Vishnu, sages headed by the sage S'aunaka
performed a thousand-year sacrifice for the Lord of heaven and the devotees on earth.

Chapter 2: Divinity and Divine Service

(5) Oh sages, your questions for me about Lord Krishna are of relevance for the welfare of the world because they satisfy the true self. (6) That duty no doubt is for mankind the highest, of which there is the causeless, uninterrupted devotional service unto Krishna as the One in the Beyond [Vishnu] that leads to the full satisfaction of the soul.  (7) The practice of connecting oneself in devotion unto Vâsudeva, the Personality of Godhead, very soon leads to the detachment and spiritual knowledge that relies on its own power. (8) What people do according to their societal positions, is useless labor leading nowhere, if it does not lead to the message of Vishvaksena [Krishna as the highest authority].

Chapter 3: Krishna is the Source of all Incarnations

(3) One supposes the different worlds [as expansions] to be part of the form of the
Fortunate One that constitutes the excellence of the purest existence.

Chapter 4: The Appearance of S'rî Nârada


(32) While Krishna Dvaipâyana Vyâsa thus regretfully thought about his shortcomings,
Nârada, as I stated before, reached his cottage.

Chapter 5: Nârada's Instructions on S'rîmad Bhâgavatam for Vyâsadeva

Although you, great sage, repeatedly have written for the sake of the four virtues of religion [dharma, artha, kâma, moksha or righteousness, economy, sense gratification and liberation], you have not been doing so for the sake of Vâsudeva.

Chapter 6: Conversation Between Nârada and Vyâsadeva

(12) I saw hills and mountains full of gold, silver and copper and elephants pulling branches from the trees nearby delightful lakes and ponds
full of the lotus flowers aspired by the denizens of heaven - and my heart was pleased with the birds and the amount of bees hovering about.


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